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Hi, my name is Tamara, and I'm the host of Stories of Hope in Hard Times

Have you ever felt overwhelmed, exhausted, alone, discouraged or anxious about problems or challenges in life?

Are you looking for ideas or solutions to your problems?

Welcome to Stories of Hope in Hard Times—the podcast where I interview people that have been through dark times and find out how they got through with God’s help.

We will also discuss the lessons learned and tips they can share for people experiencing their own life detours.

Tamara K. Anderson

The Candy Bomber: How 2 Sticks of Gum Changed the World

By Tamara Anderson | Oct 21, 2020 |

On today’s episode, I get to tell you a true story the Candy Bomber after World War II and three lessons we can learn from it.3 Lessons from the Candy BomberLittle Things Can have a Big Ripple EffectServing Others HealsInspiring Hope Saves LivesYou can learn more about Gail S. Halvorsen, The Candy Bomber on his…

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Alma Ohene-Opare: Why I Chase the American Dream

By Tamara Anderson | Oct 14, 2020 |

Alma grew up wanting to reach his goals, but he knew he wouldn’t achieve them in Ghana. So he set his sights on the American Dream.  In today’s show Alma and I talk about: How discontent plus courage equal innovation and creation. Recognizing and reaching for your full potential. How all things work together for…

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3 Truths Learned Hiking with my 73-year-old Mother

By Tamara Anderson | Oct 7, 2020 |

While hiking with her mother last year, Tamara learned 3 great truths that can be applied to our rugged life journeys today. The Family Trip Just before school started last year, our family took a last minute vacation to two National Parks: Yellowstone and the Tetons. I found out my 73-year-old mother had never been,…

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Diane Passey: Does Weight Equal Worth?

By Tamara Anderson | Sep 30, 2020 |

At a dark point in her life, Diane Passey decided she was too heavy to keep living. Follow her journey from grief and despair to coach. Some of the points discussed are: There will be a light at the end of the tunnel. It may be just a tiny glimmer. But it’s there. There is…

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Why Authenticity is Worth It

By Tamara Anderson | Sep 23, 2020 |

Tamara shares an outtake from a podcast, talks about 3 tips for authenticity and shares an announcement of a hard goal she’s working on. Here is the transcript from today’s podcast: Tamara Anderson 0:00  On today’s episode, I have a couple of exciting things I’m going to share with you. First is that this will be…

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Rob A. Gentile: Lessons of Love from a Near Death Experience

By Tamara Anderson | Sep 16, 2020 |

Rob never expected a heart attack or near death experience, but he is thankful he learned more about God, love and connection because of these hardships. Bio Rob A. Gentile was born one of four boys outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Italian immigrants. His grandfather and father worked at a steel company where Rob also…

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Drained? Try These 5 Empowering Actions

By Tamara Anderson | Sep 9, 2020 |

Tamara shares 5 empowering actions to take when you’re feeling drained, exhausted, worn out, and just feel you can’t go on. Drained? Take These 5 Empowering Actions Today I want to talk about something that I feel is so needed in the world today. I don’t know about you, but I look around and I…

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Jennifer Finlayson-Fife: Why You Really Need Self-Compassion

By Tamara Anderson | Sep 2, 2020 |

Jennifer didn’t start life with much confidence, but through several struggles she learned important lessons on self-confidence & compassion. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife: Why You Really Need Self-Compassion Bio Jennifer Finlayson-Fife is a wife, mother of three, as well as a licensed clinical professional counselor in the state of Illinois. She has a PhD in counseling psychology.…

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The Secrets of Forgiveness

By Tamara Anderson | Aug 26, 2020 |

Tamara discusses the miracle of forgiveness by sharing 3 people we can forgive and 4 tips to help us forgive. The Secrets to Forgiveness Forgiveness On today’s episode, we are going to talk about a powerful word that is really hard. I’ve kind of got mixed emotions about it: forgiveness. And we’re going to talk…

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Debbie Ihler Rasmussen: Rediscovering my Self-Worth

By Tamara Anderson | Aug 19, 2020 |

Debbie never wanted her family to be a statistic, but finally knew it was time for a divorce. She shares how she regained her self-worth with God’s help. Rediscovering my Self-Worth Bio Debbie Ihler Rasmussen opened a dance studio and began teaching when she was 17 and that developed into a 44 year career teaching…

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Car Accident Tamara Recovery with flowers and balloons

My background

I have experienced several periods of hard times in my life with experiences ranging from chronic migraines to having two children on the autism spectrum, surviving a car accident, tornado, and drowning.

Tamara podcasting

My mission

You might wonder why I produce my show.

I know how important it is to cling to hope in times of trial and want to share with you lessons learned during life's detours.

Remember, God loves you!

What to expect from Stories of Hope in Hard Times

What to expect from your show, and when.

  • Publishes at 4am Eastern every other Wednesday
  • Segments include
    • A Story of Hard Times
    • Lessons Learned
    • Favorite Bible Verse
  • Available in all places where podcasts can be found
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