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Tamara K Anderson

Welcome! I’m Tamara K. Anderson, wife, mom of four kids (two on the autism spectrum)—lover of hiking, national parks, gardening, spontaneity, God, Disneyland, and dark chocolate. I also love learning and books, and have been known to stay up into the wee hours of the morning so I can find out how a book ends (because I hate cliffhangers!)
I’m a professional in hope. I am a podcaster of my show, Stories of Hope in Hard Times. I am the author of Normal for Me, which shares my personal journey from grief to hope with God’s help. I am also a speaker whose goal is to help inspire hope in others.


I hope you can find something on this website that brings you joy, inspiration, strength, and most of all hope. Remember--God loves you!




In my podcast, Stories of Hope in Hard Times, I interview people about how they were able to use God’s love, hope, and strength they gained along the way to get through life’s detours. We cover topics ranging from death and divorce, to health challenges like autism and cancer. My favorite part of interviewing people is learning the priceless lessons they learned during their most difficult challenges. These are applicable to all of us. I invite you to be inspired by Stories of Hope in Hard Times.

Normal For Me


My book, Normal for Me, is a personal journey of loss. I share how two of my sons were diagnosed with autism and how I went through my own personal grief cycle (even though I didn’t know that’s what it was until years later). I share journal entries that will make you laugh, cry, and realize you are not alone as you grieve and heal with God’s help. I also share the little lessons God patiently taught me along my detoured journey back to hope. Click here to read some reviews of Normal for Me.


My goal speaking is to inspire hope. I speak to businesses, men and women’s groups, youth groups, and book groups. I also speak to both religious and non-religious groups helping them learn how to navigate hard times and fuel their dreams with hope and hard work.

Tamara Speaking


I have published articles for several online publications as well as regularly contributing on I enjoy sharing tips and personal life lessons as well as the lessons of those whom I interview on my podcast.

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About Tamara and Stories of Hope in Hard Times

Who doesn't love to listen to stories--especially ones that inspire hope? Join me as I interview ordinary people that have passed through extraordinary detours and come through with God's help.