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Autism and Failing to be Spontaneous

Being Spontaneous busting out an autism prison

I shouldn’t get discouraged, but sometimes I do. This past weekend my husband suggested we do something fun. So, I started brainstorming. One of my sons with autism came in as we shared some of our fun ideas. He quickly responded with anxiety, “but I have to get my chores done first.” Argh! So much…

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Autism and Late Start Blues

It snowed last night and the school district put out the message that there would be a “Late Start” today, so that the roads could get plowed and everyone could get to school safely. Once most kids heard this, they decided to sleep in. Unfortunately, my sweet son with autism is having a meltdown because…

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No soup. No soup. No soup!

Here is your autism story for the week: My daughter woke up today to the sound of Nathan (age 15) yelling at me in the kitchen, “No soup. No soup. No soup!” I am thrilled that he used his words instead of just throwing a tantrum as he would have just a few years ago…

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