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Autism and Late Start Blues

It snowed last night and the school district put out the message that there would be a “Late Start” today, so that the roads could get plowed and everyone could get to school safely. Once most kids heard this, they decided to sleep in. Unfortunately, my sweet son with autism is having a meltdown because…

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Autism: The Last Bike Ride of the Summer

As I rode behind Nathan this morning on our last bike ride before school starts I felt a little sad. I will miss our morning rides together. Nathan doesn’t talk to me or tell me about his plans or communicate much during our bike rides or walks because of his autism, but I’ve enjoyed being…

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Can Children with Autism Do Chores?

Can kids with autism do chores? Yes, they can. I know that often as a parent it is easier to do it for them (since you have to stand by them the entire time), but I have found that Nathan is quite capable of doing little things around the house to help out. Here are…

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