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The Autism-Free Dream

There was that recurring dream…that one I asked God to stop–not because it was scary, but because I was so sad when I woke up and it wasn’t real. In my dream, Nathan (my son with autism), was talking and laughing and communicating normally with me. It was as if nothing was wrong with him.…

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Richard Paul Evans’ Premier Author Training

I was humbled to be able to participate in Richard Paul Evans’ Premier Author Training (PAT) this weekend. It was an experience I will never forget! He is indeed kind, and is a powerful speaker and motivator. I am so thankful for all that he taught us. It was a bit like drinking out of a…

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Putting First Things First

I think I’m getting old because for the past month or so I’ve been waking up about an hour or so before my alarm…maybe daylight saving threw me off. I’m not sure. I have to admit, I have enjoyed taking advantage of my quiet, sleepy home in the early morning. I use it as “my…

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My Normal For Me Story

My “Normal For Me” Story Have you ever had a regular day that morphed into a terrible, soul-wrenching day capped off with a life-changing moment? For me, it all began on a beautiful spring day in Arkansas, following a long, cold winter. After dinner, I glanced out the window and saw couples and families walking…

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No soup. No soup. No soup!

Here is your autism story for the week: My daughter woke up today to the sound of Nathan (age 15) yelling at me in the kitchen, “No soup. No soup. No soup!” I am thrilled that he used his words instead of just throwing a tantrum as he would have just a few years ago…

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