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Everyone Can Feel Hope and Inspiration in 2020

By guest contributors: Jordan Tanner & Justin Anderson 2020 has been a rough year Where to start? We began with countries postering and threatening each other; the president of the United States was impeached by the House of Representatives; a global pandemic struck; “Social Distancing” became a new normal; racial injustices are being protested. Getting…

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The Bucket List of Matt Bowen

By guest contributors: Callie Lyman, Joseph Roberts, & Vaughn Draper In the age of experiences over effects, a well-checked bucket list is an ultimate treasure. Bucket lists take strength and resilience to accomplish. This is no different for 28-year-old Matt Bowen. In the last few years, Matt skydived above the Great Salt Lake, raced along…

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When Drowning, Reach for the Savior

Bible Stories Today, When Drowning, Reach for the Savior

Bible Stories Today, Episode 1 Lessons from Bible stories: When we feel like we are drowning, the Savior can rescue us. Some times trials seem too hard and too insurmountable, but with God on our side, we can walk on water. Have hope in Christ and cling to Him in hard times.

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