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Boy Scout Bowling with an Autism Twist

happy Nathan bowling

In 2012 a Boy Scout Troop in Texas invited a boy with autism to their weekly activity. Nathan Anderson has low-functioning autism and had never attended a scout activity before. The Scouts found out that he liked bowling and the activity evolved into bowling the scouts over. The activity was HUGE hit for Nathan, his…

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6 Lessons from Angels and Shepherds at Christmas

Bible Stories Today; 6 Lessons from Shepherds and Angels

I love the story of the shepherds and angels at the birth of Jesus Christ. Here are 6 Lessons we can learn from this story and apply in our Lives today. God chooses ordinary people for a spiritual awakening; Be Joyful; Listen to Uplifting Music; Seek Christ; Testify to Others; Be Grateful to God. Enjoy…

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Autism Gratitude: My Birthday Boy

Nathan turned 18 this week! Happy Birthday to my boy! I can honestly say I am so thankful that God sent us this wonderful son. Although having a child with autism was never in my plans, it is a journey I am so thankful to have taken. Nathan has taught me so much about pure…

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Finding Joys in Autism: A Mirror

The other day I drove my son Nathan (who has autism) to the library and he discovered the mirror in the car. Once he figured out that it would light up, he and sat and made faces at himself the entire drive there. Lets just say that I had a hard time not giggling the…

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