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A Sweet Lesson My Daughter Taught Me Amid Coronavirus Panic

hands praying

It’s Been a Little Crazy! Yesterday was such a crazy Coronavirus day! The stock market crashed, NBA and NCAA games cancelled, travel began being limited, church was cancelled, and for goodness sakes Disneyland is actually closing temporarily. There was even a run on our local grocery store which experienced the “bare shelves” phenomenon. My family…

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7 Lessons from the Opioid Addiction of a Loved One

*Taken from an interview of Andrea Jean Sorensen by Tamara K. Anderson on the podcast Stories of Hope in Hard Times. What would you say to a mother who is finally sober from drugs if you knew you would never talk to the “real” her again? Andrea Jean Sorensen found herself in this very situation not very many…

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Normal for Me Book Trailer

Normal for Me book trailer

I am excited to share with you my Normal for Me book trailer!!! After two of my sons were diagnosed with autism I really struggled to accept the diagnosis. Normal for Me shares my journey from grief to peace with God’s help. Normal for Me is available on Amazon

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Sneak Peek of My Book!!!

Sneak Peek of the Intro of my Book

I’m starting the final proof on my book today–and you get to hear a sneak preview of the introductory letter! Yay! Can’t wait for April 2nd and the launch of Normal For Me! Video Here is the text of the letter at the beginning of my book, dedicated to you, the reader. Hopefully it will…

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