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Finding Joy Toasting Bread

Nathan laughing toasting bread autism

This funny photo is courtesy of my husband. He was helping one of my other kids when he smelled something. He looked over in the kitchen and noticed Nathan standing by the toaster giggling. So, he went into the kitchen and noticed that Nathan was toasting himself some bread and was so excited about it!…

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A Funny Mother’s Day and Autism Story

Tamara laughing after Nathan kissed her plant--autism

Here is a funny autism and Mother’s Day Story: Nathan gave me little succulent plant for Mother’s day in a jar that he painted. When I opened it, I thanked him and then said, “Give kiss” intending for him to kiss me on the cheek. He kissed the plant! I laughed so hard. My husband…

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Skipping at Church

Who says you can’t skip down the aisle at church with your bag in tow? That is how Nathan entered church on Sunday. I almost giggled out loud as I watched him. One brother pulled me aside with a smile on his face and said, “If only all of us were so happy to be…

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Finding Joys in Autism: A Mirror

The other day I drove my son Nathan (who has autism) to the library and he discovered the mirror in the car. Once he figured out that it would light up, he and sat and made faces at himself the entire drive there. Lets just say that I had a hard time not giggling the…

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