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6 Lessons from Angels and Shepherds at Christmas

Bible Stories Today; 6 Lessons from Shepherds and Angels

I love the story of the shepherds and angels at the birth of Jesus Christ. Here are 6 Lessons we can learn from this story and apply in our Lives today. God chooses ordinary people for a spiritual awakening; Be Joyful; Listen to Uplifting Music; Seek Christ; Testify to Others; Be Grateful to God. Enjoy…

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Finding Joy Toasting Bread

Nathan laughing toasting bread autism

This funny photo is courtesy of my husband. He was helping one of my other kids when he smelled something. He looked over in the kitchen and noticed Nathan standing by the toaster giggling. So, he went into the kitchen and noticed that Nathan was toasting himself some bread and was so excited about it!…

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Autism and Enjoying the Waves

Vacationing with a child on the autism spectrum is always interesting. You never know what will interest them. When we went to Point Loma just outside of San Diego to explore the tide pools, we found something that Nathan LOVED. Nathan LOVED watching the waves roll in. He stood there mesmerized by the never ending…

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