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My goal is to make sure readers know that they, in fact, aren’t alone at all. I wrote this in the hope that some person out there battling through life and struggling to survive day by day will know they are not alone. They will know that someone else has waged a similar war before and survived. I wrote my heart into these pages with one thought, that it would give someone hope—hope that they too can survive, that they too can make it one more day, and then the next.

This life-changing moment inspired me to write an entire book about our journey. In Normal For Me, I share all about the blessings and challenges of raising two autistic children.

Life doesn’t always turn out how we imagine it will, and sometimes these unfulfilled expectations lead to despair. You question why God has allowed these hard things to happen. You wonder if you will make it through because the burdens seem so heavy. You feel so alone—like no one else has ever experienced what you are going through.


What others are saying about this #1 New Release and Hot New Bestseller on Amazon:

As Reviewed in Psychology Today

"I found Normal for Me to be refreshing, inspiring, and helpful. Fundamental to finding joy in your circumstances is recognizing that your life is "normal" for you and that that is not only okay but absolutely amazing."

- Benjamin Hardy, Ph.D.


“Through Tamara’s eyes, I saw normal doesn’t exist for any culture, society, community, or even family. But each of us can accept what is normal for our self, and thrive. It feels good to be normal again.”

– Jeffrey Probst, an abnormal author

“As a ‘next level’ parent, I can’t think of anyone more qualified than Tamara to support you on your journey. Tamara is the ultimate cheerleader, and her message is hopeful, compassionate, and most of all real. Normal For Me is like a warm hug—reassuring, reaffirming and courage-inducing.”

– Jenna Evans Welch, New York Times Best Selling Author

"Nice to see something written where the author admits to not being perfect in all they feel and do when a life trial happens. We all have hopes and dreams, and then get a life curve balls thrown at us. We all probably have our own horror stories of how we handled them. So thankful for the open insight to their struggles and what they learned along the way. Certainly a when life gives you lemons story! Something we all can learn from this no matter what we may be dealing with in our path!"
 - D.M.
"Whether you are raising a disabled child or know someone who is, Normal for Me will help you understand the needs and realities of parents raising special needs children. It gives an honest and hopeful story of normal people responding to extraordinary challenges. It is worth reading."
- Kirsten Johnston, Author of Letters from a Christmas Elf
"What parent doesn't wonder if their kids are normal or worry that particular behaviors and habits are going to destroy their lives? Some of my kids won't eat specific foods. Another freezes when faced with simple decisions. Another has delayed speech and learning. It's easy to think families with super smart obedient kids are the norm. This book helps put into perspective that there is not a norm and we all have struggles. It also shares how the authors family has overcome or coped with the struggles. Very applicable no matter where your family is on the "normal" spectrum."

- Curtis Chandler

"I downloaded your book and it’s amazing. I cracked it open and couldn’t put it down. I needed this read for sure to realize that I need not compare myself to others."
- Darlene M.

"Tamara’s raw vulnerability and honesty pull you into her life story while giving you the tools to cope with your own trials and problems. This book can help every person who has struggled with broken dreams and harsh realities. I felt renewed hope and energy after reading Normal for Me."
- Lisa Johnson, Educator

“A powerfully inspirational and compelling read that reminds us that we are not alone in our hard times."

- Richard Paul Evans, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author

"I think I needed to read this story. I don’t have children on the spectrum so I don’t think I would have thought I needed to read it. But let me be clear. I needed to read this book. It reached me in such a fundamental way. I think that is why I cried so much while reading it. Tamara’s revelations on coveting basically punched me in the face. I didn’t realize I had been so upset lately because of my covetous reactions to those close to me. I feel as if I have been purged of those negative emotions. I am so happy that this book fell into my inbox when it did!"

– Lisa Russo Leigh, Precision Editing Group

"Throughout the book, Tamara shares how her faith in God helped carry her through her darkest days, and helped her grow spiritually, while going through the ups and downs of raising sons with autism. She shares what she learned along the way, and offers steps parents can take to make this journey easier. I believe this book can offer encouragement to parents of children with special needs and help them navigate through the “new normal” for their lives.”

– Doris Dill, Author and Mother of a child with autism

“This book will resonate with more people than those who face disability challenges in their family. Tamara shares that we are not alone on this planet. There are others fighting the same or equally challenging things in their lives. I especially enjoyed Tamara’s real candor, insight, encouragement, prayers throughout the book, and the fact that she got mad! I needed to read that. I particularly related to the night she prayed for angels. I also enjoyed Justin’s supportive perspective from a father’s point of view. This book is NORMAL FOR ME!”
- Debbie Ihler Rasmussen, Author and Mother of children with ADD and ADHD
"This book was very well written. I lived near Tamara a few years ago when she was in Texas and we went to the same church. She seemed to have it all together even though she had two challenging children on the autism spectrum. It was amazing to read her thoughts and her struggles. I especially liked how honest and vulnerable she was as she recounted the struggles she went though as her boys were diagnosed and she learned how to parent them. I found things I could apply to my life even though I do not have children with autism and was very inspired by her writing. Very well written, great read!"
- Nannette Frost

"So many times we look at the lives of others and wonder, Why can’t my life be like theirs? But if you could see deeply into the things we all hide behind closed doors, I think you would quickly change your mind. Tamara opened those doors and shows us how to take joy where we can, learn from the good and bad, and move forward. Always move forward."
- Jay Walther, Podcaster

"Normal for Me is an inspiring book every teacher should read. We can become frustrated with teaching autistic children, but we can’t understand the challenge of parents. We leave at 4:00, but an autistic child goes home for a span of time from 4:00pm to perhaps 3:00am or 4:00am on a lucky day. Tamara’s book will inspire you to love parents even more."
- Margaret Benedict, Teacher for 34 years