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Mothering Moments

Can I share with you one of my mothering moments that happened on Mother’s Day? Nathan has been kind of grumpy lately. I don’t know if I should blame it on teenage hormones or what (since he can’t tell me). So, I got to go sit with him in the foyer of the church so that he didn’t bother anyone else with his ‘not so happy’ outbursts. As I was sitting there, I happened to look up and there was a large picture of the Savior emerging from the tomb after his resurrection–perfect and glorified. As I looked at that picture, the Lord reminded me that someday Nathan will have a perfect and glorified resurrected body too. I found myself suddenly grateful that I was spending some time in the foyer with my sweet, but grumpy boy. I look forward to that future day when I can spend time with my son in his perfect and resurrected body and hold a conversation with him.
#MotheringMoments #Resurrection

About the author, Tamara

Tamara K. Anderson is a speaker, author, podcaster, and is a professional in HOPE. She has four children who struggle with autism, ADHD, anxiety, visions issues, and all bring her great joy.

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