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Everyone Can Feel Hope and Inspiration in 2020

By guest contributors: Jordan Tanner & Justin Anderson

2020 has been a rough year

Where to start? We began with countries postering and threatening each other; the president of the United States was impeached by the House of Representatives; a global pandemic struck; “Social Distancing” became a new normal; racial injustices are being protested. Getting past the national headlines, many people still are grappling with the loss of loved ones; others find themselves unemployed; some might just find it difficult to cope with the challenging times. So these and other experiences might leave you feeling anxious, stressed, or in need of hope.

2020 is a tough year; feel real hope in your life

(A meme showing what 2020 is like for us all)

There is an expert on hope ready to help

Many people are looking for inspiration during these difficult times. In any of these situations, we recommend getting help from Tamara Anderson! She is an author, podcaster, and speaker of hope. Her book—Normal For Meand articles provide examples of real, practical ways people have overcome stress and challenges. Tamara offers a variety of practical bits of help in coping with life’s challenges. If life is feeling hard and you are looking for hope, Tamara has a lot to offer you.

Tamara K. Anderson; help you feel hope and joy

Tamara K. Anderson, author and podcast host

Inspiration during tough times

So, where to start? If you want to feel better, stronger, or happier, we recommend starting by listening to Tamara’s podcast, “Stories of Hope in Hard Times” available on any place you get your podcasts or at her website. With over 50 podcasts and growing, you can find topics that resonate best with your individual situation. The guests share their experiences of coping with real-life challenges like divorce, cancer, death, abuse, accidents, and many more. Tamara has listeners in over 40 countries, all tuning in to learn ways to help themselves or people they care about. Some of our favorite guests include: 

  • Matt Bowen, who had an accident that he didn’t let sideline his dreams 
  • Wendy Spooner, who lived a tough life early on but found the hope to change
  • Richard Paul Evans, grew up bullied and has Tourettes yet became a famous author and humanitarian
Tamara and Richard love to help others feel loved, wanted, and included

Tamara and Richard Paul Evans

Tamara is a fresh voice who aligns real-life examples with ways to use God’s help. Yes, 2020 is a real mess with real stresses and challenges. Add in many personal issues, and life can be hard. But you can have hope, peace, and joy as well. We hope you’ll let Tamara help you on that journey. 

Normal For Me book in paperback, digital, or audio. Get it at Amazon or local bookstores

Normal For Me – available at Amazon, Kindle, Audible, Deseret Book, and any other audio listening site.

About the author, Justin Anderson

Husband of an amazing wife who loves to spread hope and love. Father to incredible children who are so kind to me in all my weaknesses. Friend to many, though I don't call much, I still care. Son of wonderful parents who are my biggest cheerleaders.

All thoughts are my own and are subject to change at a moment's notice :)

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