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Kelly Walker: From Gamer to The Queen of Manifesting

Kelly Walker completely changed her life from a video game junkie to become The Queen of Manifesting. She shares her journey and the lessons learned along the way on this week’s episode of Stories of Hope in Hard Times.

Kelly Walker: From Gamer to The Queen of Manifesting


Kelly Walker is a manifesting coach, international speaker, podcaster, and cruise retreat host. She is originally from Dallas, Texas and she spent her school years in Kansas. Now she lives in Spanish Fork, Utah with her husband and teenage son. She loves to help unlock the potential of women entrepreneurs who know they are meant for big things, but have been stuck playing small. She helps them tap into their purpose, take control of their inner chatter, build themselves in their tribe, and change the world on a bigger scale. Kelly Walker is The Queen of Manifesting.

Hiding in the Bathroom

Kelly decided she was going to be a motivational speaker after attending her first motivational seminar. Sitting in the audience, she realized that was what she needed to do. She was a graphic designer at the time but had just been fired, so she decided that speaking would be her new career. She went on the lookout for speaker training programs or anything that might help her on this new path. Every day, she said out loud, “I am a motivational speaker and I change lives from the stage.” She had no idea how she would get there, but she believed she could.

The Event & The Bathroom

During her search for training, she found an event on Facebook which was a cross between a TED talk and America’s Got Talent. They have four contestants each month. The contestants speak for ten minutes to a panel of judges and then are given feedback. Kelly read this as free speaker coaching. So, she bought a ticket and went to watch. The judges were amazing and gave great feedback.

When the judging was over, the MC stood up and told the audience that there was an open spot for a contestant next month. Kelly felt like this was her chance! She stood up and started walking over to sign up, even though she was scared. But she was so afraid she walked right past the table and toward the exit. She didn’t even recall changing directions. As she was quickly walking away, she noticed a bathroom by the exit where she quickly went to hide. In the bathroom Kelly argued with herself about going to sign up. She sat there for at least ten minutes, trying to convince herself that she should sign up.

Eventually, “brave Kelly” won and she went to find the MC and sign up. She asked if the spot was still open and when he said yes, she burst into tears of terror. But she did come back, and she won the contest! Kelly has spoken over 150 times since that contest.

Years of Health Challenges

Infertility Challenges

Life wasn’t always as easy as signing up for a contest and winning though. When Kelly was 38 years old, she struggled with fertility. She would leave church every Sunday because it was so hard for her to see other young moms with their babies. They tried fertility treatments but to no avail. Finally, Kelly quit her job and they went to Mexico, and she got pregnant! Kelly swears the lack of stress is what did it.

Pregnancy Complications

However, the pregnancy itself was no less difficult. At 26 weeks, Kelly developed toxemia and had to go on bed rest. The doctors gave Kelly a steroid that helps the baby’s lungs to develop faster because they were afraid they were going to have to deliver him early. Kelly remembers praying and praying that she wouldn’t need to deliver her son yet. She stabilized and he ended up being able to stay put until week 38, with Kelly in the hospital on complete bed rest.


As her son kept growing, Kelly felt claustrophobic and at one point she was having 24-hour panic attacks. Kelly was so anxious she doesn’t know how her husband survived the last few months of the pregnancy. Neither she nor her husband got much due to the extreme anxiety. Everytime she tried to go to sleep, Kelly thought she was going to die. Finally, she had a C-section and her son was born. Almost immediately, Kelly began receiving antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication. The doctors told her that she would only have to be on them for a few months. Unfortunately, Kelly continued to have sever anxiety attacks for years every time she tried to go off the medication.

Depression & Video Games

Eventually, Kelly says she became numb. She didn’t care about anything except a video game that she would stay up all night to play and then sleep as much as she could during the day. She went to work but didn’t do her job and eventually got fired. Then she was home by herself as her son went to school and her husband went to work. Kelly didn’t get dressed, never got out of bed, she wasn’t functional, and became suicidal. She had officially hit rock bottom.

Kelly says she ignored God completely while she was in the height of her depression. She grew up being taught that you don’t ask for help, you have to figure things out on your own. You just have to suck it up. She had really internalized that message, to the point that she shut everyone out, including her husband and God. Despite her shutting him out, she feels that God was still looking out for her because He made sure she got the message she needed, in the form of an email.

The Email Which Changed Everything

Somehow, Kelly received an email explaining they had some extra tickets for an upcoming personal development seminar. Kelly really felt that she needed to go, even though she hadn’t gotten dressed in over a week. But she got dressed that day and attended the conference.

Kelly says that when she walked in she fell backwards a few steps because the energy in the room was so strong. It was physically overwhelming to her. The seminar changed her life and pulled her out of her depression. Soon, she was attending a seminar every month. Not long after she was getting trained to be a speaker and life coach. Not long after that she had clients and started speaking. Kelly considers it to be a gift from God. So much changed for her in such a short amount of time, and now she helps other people to do just that.

Four Key Lessons

Kelly found four things she decided to do in order to help keep her out of her depression.

  1. What you focus on grows. Whatever you are thinking about is what you make happen most often. Kelly was focused on how miserable, angry, and lost she was, and how much she hated everything. So that’s what she attracted and that’s what she got more of.
  2. Ask God every morning, “Who can I serve today?” In order to break the cycle of depression, she would ask God every morning who she could serve. Sometimes she would get a specific name, sometimes she would have to go out and find someone. But as she started focusing on serving others, more good things came her way.
  3. Write down seven things you are thankful for. Kelly knew shifting her focus to gratitude would help her focus on the positive aspects of her life. So, every day she wrote seven things she is grateful for on Facebook. Making the list public held her accountable make sure she did it.
  4. Make a vision board and look at it every day. Kelly’s vision board has nine sections. Each section has a photos and a statement of things she wants in her future.

Kelly’s Six Step Formula For Manifesting

Kelly explained the six steps she uses and teaches to manifesting.

1. Clarification

You need to figure out what you want. Pick a goal, but make sure it is specific so you know exactly where you are aiming. This is what it means to get clarification.

2. Visualization

The second step is to visualize your goal and see it happening with gratitude. Feel the feelings you’re going to have when you achieve your goal. Imagining achieving the goal.

3. Declaration

Declare your goal out loud every day. Kelly used to say, “I am a motivational speaker and I change lives from the stage,” when she had no training and no possibilities. So she knows that saying it out loud works.

4. Meditation

Clear your mind and daily ask God what the next step is to reaching your goal. This step is important because usually there is an elaborate path to your goal which you can’t see it all at once. God will show you your next step if you ask Him. Kelly says that you need to present your goal, ask Him what the next step is, which leads to the next step.

5. Inspiration

After you ask God to tell you the next step on your journey, it is important to listen for the answer, or the inspiration. Many people move on to other things after asking without really listening for inspiration. So make sure you listen.

6. Implementation

Kelly says once you receive the inspiration, you should get up and do it immediately. If you can’t do it immediately, take notes on what your next step is and make sure you do it before going to bed or as soon as you possibly can.

Kelly says having a vision board can really help with visualization and declaration. Seeing your vision board each day can remind you to declare your goal and give you the opportunity to visualize and feel the feelings associated with your goal. Kelly likes to look at her vision board each night before bed and then let her brain think about it while she sleeps. Kelly has shared that one of the things on her vision board right now is making the first episode for her TV show.

Where to Start

Change Your Thoughts and Words

Kelly says that the first thing she works on with all of her clients is how they talk to themselves. Kelly explained, “Watch your language, because literally everything you say you bring to pass in your thoughts and your words. So look for the positive. Focus on the positive.”

Be grateful for each day. If this is difficult for you, it can be as simple as you’re thankful that you live inside, or that you have air conditioning.

Write a Manifesto

Kelly also helps her clients to write a manifesto. The manifesto includes a power statement that says who they are, why they’re here, and what their mission is. This power statement is designed to help you feel epic and unstoppable. If you’re doing a general manifesto, you should write something for the four main areas of your life: health, finances, relationship with yourself, and relationship with others.

Wrap up the manifesto with a gratitude statement, then read your manifesto every day. Kelly recommends reading your manifesto when you look at your vision board before bed so that your subconscious mind can keep working on things while you sleep. Sometimes you’ll wake up with solutions and you’ll need to write them down in the notepad you keep by your bed.

Kelly’s Manifesto

Kelly shared the first paragraph of her manifesto which she says every day while she plays epic music to motivate and inspire her to reach her goals.

“My name is Kelly Kay Walker and I am a force of nature. I am divine, determined, and diligent–a valiant daughter of God and a queen in the making. I am a warrior of light and I shine brighter every day, lighting the road more powerfully and irresistibly everywhere I go. As my influence spreads across the nation and the world, I find inspire and encourage other role changers to also stand up, be seen, and live their purpose at a higher level. Together we are creating a huge ripple effect of love, light, and hope that reaches every corner of this world.”


Kelly highly recommends the book “The Power of the Subconscious Mind.” This book discusses the science behind how people change their thoughts and retrain their subconscious mind.

Kelly’s website,, has free resources, along with a course on manifesting in different areas of your life.

On Kelly’s Facebook group, We are Masters of Manifesting, she does a free class every Monday morning on manifesting. Kelly picks the topics for these free classes from her group members.

Kelly also has a podcast called The Queen of Manifesting.

You can also email Kelly at and ask for a free “Manifesting Formula” ebook.

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