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Windy Fun on Antelope Island

This past weekend we went to Antelope Island and had a surprise bout of fun when we discovered how windy it was on an overlook. I talk about this at the end of this week’s podcast.

Practicing my Normal for Me Story

I have been taking an online class called, Present Yourself, by Kirk Duncan this weekend. It is a three-day class which teaches the basics of presenting and storytelling. Our homework tonight was to tell a story following what he taught us in under 3 minutes (which is harder to do than you would think). Tell…

Bored? Try Quarantine Putt-Putt Golf

Need something new to do at home? Over spring break we built a 9 hole putt-putt course in our home and had a blast laughing as we tried to complete it. Try Quarantine Putt-Putt golf in your home! (Be sure to unmute to hear laughter). #puttputtgolf #springbreak #quarantine #funwithfamily

Boy Scout Bowling with an Autism Twist

In 2012 a Boy Scout Troop in Texas invited a boy with autism to their weekly activity. Nathan Anderson has low-functioning autism and had never attended a scout activity before. The Scouts found out that he liked bowling and the activity evolved into bowling the scouts over. The activity was HUGE hit for Nathan, his…