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Canning Strawberry Jam and Cucumber Relish, Cleaning Later

My house is a disaster, but my kids are happy and I have this fun little canning hobby I’m getting into again. I’ll clean and tidy once the kids go back to school. Sometimes it is important to develop your talents and get something fun done (and clean later). Right?

Strawberry Jam

I made strawberry jam from strawberries that I GREW MYSELF for the first time last week. Wow! I’m feeling a little bit like a pioneer woman.
That was pretty cool. It is also very delicious! Here is the recipe that I used.

Cucumber Relish

I also made some Cucumber relish–why? Because I have a TON of cucumbers I’m harvesting from our garden right now and because the picture on the recipe online looked good. Silly reason, I know, but it does taste pretty good. The only thing I changed on this recipe is that I added about 1 tsp of dill for a little extra flavor. It is delicious!

About the author, Tamara

Tamara K. Anderson is a speaker, author, podcaster, and is a professional in HOPE. She has four children who struggle with autism, ADHD, anxiety, visions issues, and all bring her great joy.

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