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I'm going to let you in on a secret about something I am giving away for free. But first, here is an exciting announcement: I am starting to write my next book. 
What I'm going to give you now is something that I'm not going to give to anyone else for quite a while. This is a special gift to you—as my follower. I am going to give you a free booklet preview of my new book, Building Resilient Hope, because I know we are living in challenging times and can use all the help we can get.
Building Resilient Hope 3D cover

As I’ve studied my podcast interviews, I’ve learned powerful lessons I'd love to share with you. Including the following:

  • Hope and resilience are developed skills which make all the difference in how you get through major life events.
  • Powerful choices we make which make or break us--including the teeter-totter effect.
  • Critical mindsets to help us see and navigate the traumas of our lives.
  • The key relationship you must have to survive and thrive during hard times.
  • How God and angels help us as we navigate our darkest nights.

So, are you ready to build resilient hope? If so, click the button and read my booklet for free. Feel Hope! And once you feel hope, share it with others. Hope on!