Applying the Parable of the Sower

Tamara talking about applying the parable of the sower

My church has just released a new at-home study program called Come Follow Me. I am loving this directed study material, and this week I recorded some of my thoughts on the Parable of the Sower. Honestly, I went a little overboard on this video because I am going to be sharing it and discussing…

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Autism Adventures at the DMV

Nathan with Photo ID-autism

At age 19, I finally took my son to the DMV last week, but it wasn’t to get his license…it was to get a photo ID. You see, Nathan has autism and will never drive a car. To prep for the experience my husband and I went on the government website, filled out the paperwork…

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A Funny Mother’s Day and Autism Story

Tamara laughing after Nathan kissed her plant--autism

Here is a funny autism and Mother’s Day Story: Nathan gave me little succulent plant for Mother’s day in a jar that he painted. When I opened it, I thanked him and then said, “Give kiss” intending for him to kiss me on the cheek. He kissed the plant! I laughed so hard. My husband…

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Autism and Failing to be Spontaneous

Being Spontaneous busting out an autism prison

I shouldn’t get discouraged, but sometimes I do. This past weekend my husband suggested we do something fun. So, I started brainstorming. One of my sons with autism came in as we shared some of our fun ideas. He quickly responded with anxiety, “but I have to get my chores done first.” Argh! So much…

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Pajama Pants and Rubber Boots

Pajama pants and rubber boots–I know what you are thinking. Styling! Right? If you were to pop over and visit me right after I helped Nathan get showered in the morning, this is how I would be decked out: t-shirt, pajama pants and rubber boots. I know. I know. You are thinking, “Tamara, you are…

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