Podcasting 101: What it is and How to Listen

The Basics of Podcasting Last week I told someone I was launching a podcast and they said, “What is that?” So, you are not alone if you are new to the world of podcasting. Let’s start with the basics: What is a podcast? If I were asked to describe a podcast in a simple way,…

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The 3 Places I Should Never Work

Tamara and her saw

There are 3 places I could never work because I would spend every penny that I earned buying things. These three things are both my passions and my weaknesses, and I am sharing them with you in an effort to help people get to know me better before I launch my podcast. 1. The First…

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Two People Can Do Anything

Two people can do anything as long as one of them is God

One of my favorite Bible quotes is found in Matthew 11 where the Savior invites us to “take my yoke upon you.” I have always loved this image of yoking myself to the Savior. First, because He is so much stronger than I am. Secondly, because even though I am taking on an additional burden…

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