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3 Lessons from Mary & Elisabeth

3 Lessons from Mary and Elisabeth

Enjoy diving into parallels we can draw from Mary and Elisabeth’s lives to our lives today on this week’s episode. Subscribe and Share to remember God.

Parallels from Mary & Elisabeth in our Day

1. They both trusted the path God placed them on.

  • Luke 1: 6-7 Elisabeth and her husband remained righteous and committed to God despite their inability to have children.
  • Luke 1: 38 Mary submitted to God’s will and was willing to change her entire life to be the mother of God’s Son.
  • Question: What can I do to show God that I trust Him during my difficulties?

2. They loved and supported each other

  • Luke 1:39 Mary went with haste to help and support Elisabeth in her pregnancy.
  • Luke 1:42-45 Elisabeth supported Mary by living righteously enjoy to have the Holy Ghost teach her that Mary was the mother of the Son of God.
  • Luke 1:56 Mary stayed with and helped Elisabeth for the last three months of her pregnancy.
  • Question: What can I do this week to show love and support to others in their trials?

3. They were courageous

  • Luke 1: 60 Elisabeth courageously told the priest that her son’s name was John.
  • Matthew 1:18-19 Mary courageously carried Jesus not knowing how that would turn out.
  • Question: What can I courageously say and do to stand up for the right?

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