Age & Happiness

I’m not getting any younger folks! There are moments when it hits me–how in the world do I have 19-year-old son? Where did all the time go? I don’t feel 4*! But, my gray hairs keep growing in (curly I might add) and these wrinkles on my face didn’t just show up overnight. I think I am going to embrace getting older. After all, I have earned every gray hair on my head and those wrinkles have been made by smiles and laughter, tears and worry through the years. With age comes some wisdom.

I used to work with the elderly population just as I was graduating from college. Because I did therapy, a lot of the wonderful people I worked with had experienced strokes or TBI’s or other injuries. One thing they taught me was that attitude is everything! One woman in our facility was always so happy. She smiled at everyone and her laughter filled the halls with joy. Then on Veteran’s day she cried as she told us the story about how she sent her husband off to war and he never came home. She never remarried–and yet she was 85 years old and so happy. Happiness is a choice. I think I’d like to be old and happy someday.
#EmbracingAge #ChoosingHappiness

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