Autism & Chores

Can kids with autism do chores? Yes, they can. I know that often as a parent it is easier to do it for them (since you have to stand by them the entire time), but I have found that Nathan is quite capable of doing little things around the house to help out. Things like helping me take his sheets and put them in the washer, helping unload the dishwasher, setting the table and replacing toilet paper in the bathrooms. He actually doesn’t complain about it either (like my other kids)–part of that is because he isn’t very verbal…but it is nice to have another pair of helping hands. I am committed to having him help more around the house this summer.
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  1. My spectrum child is the most dependable chore child. He wants the same ones, but here won't start computers until he gets one done. Sometimes it's really nice to have someone maintaining their own chore schedule around the house. 🙂 And he only complains when his preferred core is taken….

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