Communicating the Mission Call with Nathan

“Mom, have you told Nathan what is happening tonight?” Noelle asked yesterday afternoon. “No, not yet,” was my reply. Then I had to figure out how I was going to inform an autistic young man that his older brother was opening his mission call and that he was going to leave for 2 years. It was going to require more info than I could write on our calendar, so I opted for a note. I attached a photo of the note I wrote. Nathan watched me very carefully as I wrote every word. He doesn’t always understand if I communicate verbally, but if I write things down he generally understands.

I don’t think Nathan will be able to tell Jordan (in this life) what having him as a brother has meant to him. Even though Jordan is shorter than Nathan, Jordan has always looked out for and involved his “little” brother. Jordan has grown up with two brothers on the autism spectrum and has love of all people–disabled and typical. I watched them sit side by side in church last week and Jordan had his arm around Nathan and was tickling him under his chin. Nathan just smiled and giggled. It was a sweet moment. And when I think of that it kind of makes me sad that he won’t be here for 2 years to love his siblings. But, I am thankful he will be loving more of God’s children–and so I guess I will share him:).
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