Chipped Tooth Coming Out

Nathan is scheduled to get his top, back molar pulled tomorrow morning with the oral surgeon (half of it broke off and it has been causing him a lot of pain this week). While discussing this with the doctor, we decided that we would have him pull Nathan’s wisdom teeth while he was knocked out.

So, prayers are welcome that the surgery will go well and that we will all survive the recovery–I am honestly NOT looking forward to that part. I think the surgery part will be the easiest part (since Nathan is asleep). The recovery is going to be tough for all of us.
#BrokenTooth #Autism

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  1. I think you're very wise for getting your son's wisdom teeth pulled while they're dealing with the chipped tooth anyway. The aftermath of wisdom tooth removal is hard whether you have autism or not. Thankfully, most people either have pain or swelling and not both at once. Fortunately, following the doctor's advice closely will help minimize pain.

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