Warm In Winter

Surviving the cold: When we moved here from Houston, Texas three and a half years ago I really thought I was going to die my first winter! I spent a LOT of time that first winter huddled in front of a little portable heater. You might think I’m kidding–nope. That is the truth! My poor blood was awfully thin after living in Arizona, California, Arkansas (although it can get cold there) and Texas.

I hope my blood has thickened a little bit, but I had to learn to wear layers here in the winter time. I also learned that wool socks are WONDERFUL and that boots can be fun and stylishly warm! Good warm coats and gloves are awesome as well (especially for my poor, frequently cold fingers). Oh, and hot chocolate is also kind of important to heat from the inside out ;).

I now wear several layers in the winter, take my vitamin D3 (for sunlight deficiency), and wear my wool socks happily. So far this winter hasn’t been too bad–even though we have had snow on the ground for over a month. I must finally be adapting to the cold, or maybe I’m just learning to deal with it!

What do you do to stay warm in the winter?

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