Needing a Massage

“Iron.” Nathan said and rubbed his chest. “What the heck?” I wondered. Then it dawned on me. “Your chest hurts, you want me to rub it or buzz it?” I asked. I guess our “buzzer” or massage machine looks like an iron, so I can see where he got that. Nathan was trying to communicate with his limited vocabulary and didn’t know the word for that machine mom used.

He played some pretty intense rounds of Wii bowling with Jordan the other night–and when Nathan bowls he uses his whole arm & shoulder. He came upstairs after that with a sore shoulder and kept putting my hand on his muscle under his armpit so that I would know where it hurt and that he wanted me to rub it. Well, after rubbing him for a few minutes I busted out our big buzzer or massage machine. He LOVED it and I found him trying to use the “iron” or massage machine today on his own.

Thankful for my boy. He keeps me smiling.

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