Basketball and Autism

How do basketball and autism mix? Pretty well. This is Jacob’s first year to play basketball on a team. Of all my kids he is the most coordinated, but sometimes picking up all the cues of what he is supposed to be doing and where he is supposed to be going is tricky. We are so blessed that he has a kind and patient coach that has taken him under his wing and taught him the rules and put him in a position where he can succeed.

The one thing Jacob has going for him is height. He is taller than most of the kids out there and so his coach has put him where he can get the rebounds–good thinking! Jacob has always loved learning about sports (and can spout more facts than the average child his age). I am thankful that the kids on his team have been kind and that his coach has led this team with enthusiasm and with the wisdom that they are there to do their best and have fun. (Perfect coach for my “I have to win” child). There are a lot of great people in this world, and I so thankful to see my child with autism being included among them!

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