Working Out–Sort Of

So, I started a new exercise routine with the new year. I am doing a series of 10 minutes workouts to help tone my core. How long has it been since I really focused on toning my belly??? Well, lets just say it was between baby #1 and baby #2. (Yes, my oldest is 18.) That is how pathetic my poor coor muscles are. I have done yoga and walking and biking since then, but no core. Sigh!

All I can say is that it is good I am doing this in the safety of my own home. First, I must mention that I am not very coordinated, so my following (or messing up) of all the dancing hip-hop and kick boxing moves would be quite a comedy routine to witness. No, I am no dancer–but I try to keep moving. There are times I am laughing at myself because you would think that after two weeks I would get some of these “routines.” Alas, I am afraid I would be a disappointment to any dance instructor.

I am sure some of you are wondering how I ever managed to teach choreography to the elementary school choir for 3 years….lets just say I had to practice A LOT and I wrote every move down on my music. Some kids totally had the moves down better than I did. At least I can sing:). That is what you get when you have a volunteer teaching music and choreography:). You do your best.

And so, that is what I will continue to do in the safety of my own home workout–do my best. Hopefully I will get better and better and eventually stop tripping over my feet. ‘Til then–wish me luck and good work-outs. Maybe I’ll get it–eventually.
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