Traveling with kids is always hard, but when you travel with children with autism, you never know what will happen. I always seem to pack “too much” because I never know what toy or distraction I will need to keep him happy on the 12-hour drive to visit family.

Nathan’s pillow and blanket always travel with us (because if he doesn’t sleep well, all of us don’t sleep well). We also bring Melatonin to aid in this sleeping endeavor. I also packed lots of puzzles, his handheld DVD player, Ipad, books on tape (yes we still have cassette tapes), word search books, sticker puzzles, letter cubes that he loves, squish balls, spinning tops, etc. Whew!

That doesn’t include stuff for my other kids:). Sigh! Thank goodness we travel by car…I don’t think I could fit it all flying–plus I don’t think they’d let me bring the kitchen sink if we flew;).

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