Hole-y Shirts

I was cleaning out my closet the other day and found my kids old “spaghetti shirts” (basically old shirts they wore when they were little when we ate spaghetti or other messy things). I giggled when I found them and started going through these little shirts that were stained and had holes in them. That made me laugh again…the holes…I had almost forgotten that Jacob used to chew holes in EVERYTHING. I think it was a sensory thing, and I am so GLAD he has now outgrown it.

Check out the holes in these babies! They would always start little and end up huge! Looking back, I’m thankful I survived buying shirt after shirt for this boy (and it is also a good thing he had two older brothers handing down shirts to him as well).
#ChewingShirtsAutism #AutismSensorySeeking

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