Grateful to Live Now

I just finished reading a book that was set in the 1800s in England. In this particular novel, the eldest son was a “simpleton” (or developmentally disabled). The father pretended this son was dead and the mother lovingly arranged for him to be raised by a servant that she loved and trusted. Think how hard that would be!

As I read this, I felt so grateful to live in a time and in a place where having children with developmental disabilities, such as autism, is not as socially frowned upon as earlier times. I feel so thankful that I have been able to raise my boys in my own home and love them and help them grow. I also felt tremendous gratitude towards my husband and his open and loving attitude towards all of our children.

I know of some families where having children with disabilities becomes a hardship that can’t be overcome. I feel blessed with the perspective we have gained by having faith in God. We have come to know and trust that God loves all of our children, and that He sent them to us for a reason. Each child brings a unique set of challenges. I feel so blessed to have the four kiddos that I have, and thankful to God for the perspective I have gained as the parent of children with special needs! These kids are so special to work with!

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