Eliminating Disabled People?

I read an article the other day that said that 90% of mothers in Britain that found out their babies would have Down syndrome chose to abort the baby. Denmark has also seen a strong decline in Down syndrome for similar reasons. The author then posed the question, “Would this [eliminating people with disabilities] make society better?” I would have to argue that no, it would not. Being the mother of two children with disabilities has changed me as a person. It has made me more loving and more sensitive. I have become more patient and understanding of people in general. It has made me a better person. I have also seen how my children have touched and changed those around them–for good. These souls with disabilities are angelic.

It bothers me to think that there are people out there that choose to “abort” a child with disabilities. What about that child? Who knows what amazing things they could do and accomplish even though they might have a disability? The author cited the stories of Stephen Hawking and a young man in Texas with Down syndrome that at age 19 has become the youngest business owner in his town. I believe that people with disabilities can do amazing things, and that they bring out the good in the people who are blessed to rub shoulders with them.

Not one of us on earth is perfect, so we are not trying to eliminate people with imperfections. I believe our goal should be to acknowledge our imperfections and press forward doing our best. Some of the greatest stories of heroes are of people who overcame great obstacles or hardships or even disabilities. God bless us to love and learn from the imperfect people around us!

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