Shopping for Nathan

Buying Christmas presents for Nathan is so hard! Of all of my kids, buying his presents is the MOST difficult. The reason for this is because he does not browse the classified mailers and circle 20 things in the Toys R Us mailer. In fact, I tried to sit down with him last night to look at the toy mailer and he kept telling me “no.” Sigh! Non-verbal kiddos with autism are hard to buy for.

One year we took him to Toys R Us and he browsed the whole store and then picked out the “Polar Express” train (which happened to be $100). Yikes! I’m kind of nervous to take him back there for fear of a repeat–that he’ll end up picking the most expensive thing in the store. But we did go to the store the other day and even though we were in the toy section, he didn’t grab anything. Wish me luck finding him a Christmas present that he’ll like. And if you have any ideas for a Christmas present for a 16-year-old that acts like he is 3, let me know.

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