My Anxiety

I struggle with anxiety (especially around certain times of the month). My anxiety is very mild compared to my daughter Noelle’s, but it does impact me. I decided I too would try taking some of the Essential Nutrients vitamins–if nothing else, because I probably should be taking a vitamin supplement. I started out with 2 a day and simply started doing it out of habit.

After my monthly cycle that first month that I was taking the vitamins I noticed that I wasn’t as anxious or irritable. I thought–wow, I must not be as stressed this month. Then it dawned on are taking those new vitamins. Oh yeah! This last month (probably due to stress) I was a little more anxious, so as I was praying last night I felt l should increase my dose to 3 per day. (This is minimal compared to the 12 per day that Noelle takes).

My point is, God will guide us to find things that will help us if we are looking and praying about it. I am also thankful that there are vitamins out there that can help mom be more calm and happy all month long–because let’s face it, if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!
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