Keeping it Simple

I have been collecting Nativities from around the world for several years now. Usually they are the first thing I put up after Thanksgiving…but this year has been very busy. And so, here we are just 9 days before Christmas and I only have about 10 Nativities out (and Noelle put 8 of them up for me).

I’ve decided I am okay with simplicity this year. No, I may not have decked my house out for Christmas as much as I usually do, but that doesn’t mean I am not thinking about the true reason we are celebrating this holiday season. I have enjoyed teaching Sunday School this year as we have studied the New Testament, and I truly feel that my focus has been more on Christ.

I have found myself wondering what goal I can set for the new year that will keep me close to my Savior. I am so thankful that we celebrate His birth this special time of the year and hope my focus can always be on what is most important. I think this is the greatest gift we can give to Christ at Christmas–to remember Him the rest of the year. Merry Christmas!
#RememberChrist #TheRealReasonForTheSeason

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