This past week, on the kid’s church youth night, there was a knock at our door. The young men in Nathan’s church group had come caroling. Nathan stood and listened with the rest of us during the first song, and then when they switched songs to “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” Nathan’s eyes lit up and he smiled this HUGE smile. He recognized that song. After the singing, they handed Nathan a little bar of peppermint bark and said goodbye.

Nathan happily bounded into the house and began eating his peppermint bark. He would come and grab a piece of it and then go dancing around the living room. Then he came back and sang “We wish you a merry Christmas” and took another piece of peppermint bark and went bouncing around the living room again. He repeated this over and over–almost saying (if he could communicate), “Mom, the boys came and sang to me and gave me this yummy candy.” He was so happy!

I am thankful for young men who took the time to come and sing to my boy with autism. It may not appear that it mattered much, but it made Nathan’s night!
#WonderfulYoungMen #AutismCarolers

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