Saying Thank You

How can you possibly simply say “thank you” when someone just possibly saved your child’s life? Somehow these two words don’t quite adequately express the depth of gratitude my husband and I feel towards Tina and her associates at Walmart, the Layton PD, and Kathy from the Davis school district. They came to Nathan’s aide when he was left at Walmart last week by his class.

Last night we dropped some “Thank You” notes off to two of these wonderful people. The third will be delivered today. Nathan wasn’t exactly thrilled to be back at Walmart. In fact, as we pulled into the parking lot and he said, “I’m police officer Dave.” (Quoting a movie). “Yes,” I told him, “this is where you met the police officer, isn’t it?” He is able to communicate in his simple way. There was a tearful reunion with Tina and some hugs and gratitude expressed.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention God at this point. I am thankful he put these wonderful earthly angels in Nathan’s path. Together they had the skills necessary to ensure he was safe and that he was eventually able to communicate who he was (on paper). After seeing how agitated he was at Walmart last night I am also sure of one other thing: Nathan had some heavenly angels there to help calm him as well through that 2 1/2 hour ordeal. He never sits still for that long, that peacefully, especially without entertainment of some kind. But, that is what he did.

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