Happy Halloween

Better late than never….Jacob the Diamond Minecraft guy, Nathan the Superman, Noelle as Professor Sprout (Hogwarts) carrying a “Mandrake”, Me as Princess Leia. Never did get one of my handsome pirate husband. Halloween miss there!

Justin and I took Nathan trick-or-treating. It is quite an experience to take your 16-year-old son with autism trick-or-treating. He acts like he is 4, maybe 3 and I had to coach him to knock on the door and then say “Trick-or-treat” and “thank you.” He did very well and he LOVED getting candy. Not like the good old days when he was 4 and screamed and cried and hated it (and we only lasted 3 houses). No, this time he ran from house to house. I got my exercise just keeping up with him.

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