Understanding “Nathanese”

Last night just as we sat down for dinner I went to grab the rice and Nathan runs up to me and says, “Wet. Dry. Hair. Better.” At first I thought he was quoting some movie, but then he looked me in the eyes and said it again, “Wet. Dry. Hair. Better.” Usually when he makes eye contact I know something is up. Then, when he knew I was listening to me he turned around and ran into my bedroom.

I thought, “I think he wants me to follow him.” So, I did–right into my bathroom where he stopped in front of the hair dryer. Then it dawned on me–he must have gotten his shirt wet (and he HATES to have any part of his clothing wet or he takes it off or you have to dry it for him). So, I asked him, “Did you get your shirt wet?” He then pulls out his t-shirt and I see 3 little drops of water on the hem (Heaven forbid!) I turned on the hairdryer and within 20 seconds it was “Better.”

Sometimes I feel like I need a degree in “Nathanese” so that I can understand this cute 16-year-old boy with autism. I was so proud of him for using his words and trying to communicate with mom. We love to celebrate Nathan’s baby steps that are HUGE accomplishments for him.

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