Older Is Better

Sometimes older is better. I have three essentials that I have in my kitchen and use on a regular basis that are probably over 30 years old. Why?? I purchased them in the past year or so at a second-hand store because all the “modern” ones kept burning up and dying on me.

They don’t make crock-pots like they used to. My modern one always burns around the edges, whereas this “old” one cooks the food perfectly (even on high) and has never once burned the edges.

My modern hand mixer died 6 months after I bought it…it probably had plastic gears. This old one keeps going and going and is fantastic!

When my 2nd modern electric knife died within a year of purchase (I was cutting something that was obviously too “hard” for it and stripped the plastic gear) I went to read reviews on the internet. I read too many reviews that said that they don’t make them like they used to. That is when I went looking at a second hand store. I will tell you that my old knife cuts 20 times better than the modern one and I think I will have it for years to come.

So, next time one of your “modern” kitchen accessories dies, try the second hand store. Sometimes older is better.

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