Carving Some Pumpkins

We had a fun evening yesterday carving pumpkins. When Nathan was little he used to LOVE to get his hands in the pumpkin guts and pull out the seeds and stuff. Now, he has to rinse/wipe his hands after he touched the pumpkin each time. It is funny how even on children with autism, they can change what they prefer over time.

Nathan’s favorite thing now is to help punch out the big pieces. So, anytime one of us had a piece to take off of the pumpkin, we would call Nathan over to “help” us. He really did enjoy it. You can see Nathan and I holding “Mike Wazowski” from Monsters Inc. (one of Nathan’s favorite shows). We had some scary carvings, happy pumpkins and some Star Wars jack-o-lanterns.

Ever since the carving of the pumpkins, Nathan kept looking at the calendar and saying “Happy Halloween.” I’m glad he remembers some good things from Halloween because when he was little he DID NOT LIKE IT. I think it just wasn’t fun to him to dress up and be drug through the neighborhood. Now, he goes happily with his bag for candy…yes, I know he is 16, but he is a 4-year-old at heart, so yes, I take him trick-or-treating.

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