A Little Fire

Sometimes I feel like the cartoon with the fire coming out of my head–especially when I feel my “mama bear protector” side needs to come out. There are things I feel passionate about defending and my family definitely ranks up in that area. I have never been one of those push-over mamas. I think I like to get on my little soap-stand and holler a little if I feel things are not the way they should be.

Granted, this little fire inside of me has helped me get and keep the extra services my special needs kiddos need in school and it has come in handy in many a situation. But sometimes I think it raises my blood pressure a little too much and stresses my family out.

Tonight my fire got lit when I found out my son had to pay a $50 reservation fee at a local restaurant for Homecoming. When I asked him why (because I’ve never had to pay a reservation fee) and he couldn’t answer me, my mama bear came out. Several phone calls later, (because the kid at the restaurant couldn’t answer my questions) I finally got ahold of the manager who was able to placate me with a simple explanation. (And no, I didn’t yell at any of them, but I was going to track down that answer if it killed me).

I think I stressed my poor son out with my questions/reaction and I had to apologize. Mom doesn’t want to see her son taken advantage of, and even though he is almost 18, I still feel quite protective of him.

Sigh! I’ve got to find the balance between being protective and over-reacting. Does anyone have any tips? Maybe someday I’ll get it right. Thank goodness for repentance and forgiveness.

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