Learning to Ride a Bike

I guess I am due for a monthly report: We have taught Nathan to ride his adult size tricycle bike these last few weeks. He is doing really well now and absolutely LOVES IT!

It was a rough couple of days at the beginning though as he learned the importance of braking when you turn, go downhill or go over bumps! He had some pretty wicked crashes (one off the biking path and into a sticker bush in a ravine). Ouch! Not fun! I about cried! It is so hard as a parent to watch a big boy crash like that. But he picked himself up and kept going–and learned to moderate his speed.

Lessons learned: Keep both hands on the handlebars, pay attention to where you are going (hard to do when you click into autism-world), slow down and use your brakes when needed, and don’t go too fast or you might lose control and crash. (These are good tips for life in general).

After his first crash (into a tree) he said “Ouch! Caution.” This is hilarious because that is what they say in NASCAR (of which he is a fan). So, any time we come to place he should be slowing down or braking our key word is now “caution.” No crashes in the last week and a half.  He is so fun to watch because he does LOVE to go fast. It is fun to see him pick up a skill and LOVE IT!

Every morning now I ask him if he wants to go on a walk or bike. His response every day now is, “Bike!”

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