Things to do in the Summer Time

“Mom, I’m bored!” Are you ready to hear this all summer:)? This little container is my “boredom buster.” In it I have listed on little slips of paper ideas of fun things my kids can do around the house. When bored, I invite them to draw 4 pieces of paper and pick two things to do. (That way I am not left trying to think of things spur of the moment). Look in your closets at games and crafts to get you list going. I have purchased most of my toys and games at garage sales or second hand stores. Here are some of the things that are listed on in our “I’m not so bored container.”

Find a trick you can do with magnets
Blow up balloons and have a balloon party
Build a train track
Paper Airplane contest–see whose can go the farthest off the balcony
Build something with the Tinker toys
Make a chalk drawing outside
Make a chalk drawing racetrack for the little race cars
Design something with the stuff in our recycled trash bin
Make cookies or Rice Krispie Treats
Build a castle out of the wooden blocks
Make an obstacle coarse in the living room–be sure to use the mini trampoline
Make a necklace out of circular cereal and eat it!
Have a Twister competition
Create a story using cartoon people you draw in a notebook
Play the board game of Life or Sorry
Play an indoor game of putt-putt golf
Magnetic dart game
Build with the Lincoln Logs
BINGO competition
Play Candyland or Chutes and Ladders
Mr & Mrs Potato Head need to dress up for a party
See who can build the coolest Lego boat or pod-racer
Build and knock down a long line of Dominoes
Bust out the Big Army Guys & the Barbies
Color a page in a coloring book or draw a picture
Make a treasure map and do the treasure hunt
Race the cars down the racetrack
Do a talent show–everyone participates
Turn on the sprinklers and have fun getting wet
Bubble blowing contest
Design a city with the Magnetic building pieces
Build a cool Marbleworks racetrack
Have the Little People build the best city EVER!
Round of bowling with wooden bowling pins
Learn to tie 10 types of knots
Write a story
Using tracing paper, copy a cool picture out of a magazine
Find a cool rock and paint it
Do something nice for someone else
Go to the craft closet and find a fun project to do
Time for a dance party! Crank up the music!
Make a volcano explode with baking soda and vinegar
Make playdough
Make goop!
Finger painting time!
The Floor is LAVA–how will you ever survive?
Learn to play a game with Marbles
Using sidewalk chalk, go play hopscotch
Time to have a jump rope competition
Make a sock puppet
Play a game of Jacks
Fly a kite
Make a sand castle
Document cool things in your backyard with a camera
Write play where you and your friends sing and perform
Write a poem
Learn to sew or knit
Build an indoor fort
Build an indoor boat (push two couches together)
Make a fort out of cardboard boxes
A-Z scavenger hunt (inside or outside or both)
Have a picnic in your living room
Make a campfire and cook hot dogs and s’mores
Water balloon fight
Pirate day
Make a creation with wooden popsicle sticks
Slip and slide time!
Make a carnival in the backyard
Make a circus in the backyard
Make your own popsicles

Have a fun summer!!!!

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