Summer Update

I survived my first whole two weeks of summer. It was busy and hard at times–especially establishing new routines.  We have got our routine down though, and I am quite proud to say that Nathan has been walking with us every morning on a path by our home (without an iPod or any other carrot to dangle in front of him). Some days it is slow walking and other days I have to jog to keep up with him, but we are all getting exercise (and that is good).

We don’t always get out as early as possible because I am waiting for my other kids to pull themselves together, but at least we have our routine. After that we come home and listen to a church talk (it is good for the kids to get a little spiritual boost in the morning). Nathan happily follows along with his printed copy of the talk.

Then we get ready, do chores, go to swimming, do word puzzles, eat lunch, have some electronics, but we also take our electronics break. This has been a big step for Nathan–to take good breaks from his electronics. I have him do a 300 piece puzzle to help him pass the time, and he also helps me set the table before I will let him get back on.

All in all I am pretty exhausted at the end of every day, and we have had little bumps and tantrums along the way, but we are making it! Hang in there moms! We can have fun and survive the summer!

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