The Trial of Motherhood

When my kids were little I was pooped on, peed on and even vomited on. Yes, a mother’s work with little children is physically dirty and exhausting. I have found that parenting pre-teens and teens is emotionally exhausting. There are some day they come home from school and let loose and I feel like I have been emotionally barfed on. Sigh! I honestly think it is easier to clean up the physical stuff.

My hubby had a chat with the kiddos last night about being respectful and nice to mom (especially with Mother’s Day around the corner). I had a few apologies yesterday evening. Good thing we teach repentance and forgiveness in our home…although it is a little hard to want to hug them back after you’ve been emotionally vomited on! (Sorry for all the potty words today).

Last night I just hugged my not-so-little Nathan and found myself SO thankful that although he is 16, he still acts like he is 3 and he doesn’t talk back to me. That is one of the blessings of having a son with autism.

Being a mom is probably the HARDEST and most rewarding job out there. Some days, weeks, and years are super-hard, but there are also days that are little rays of sunshine to the soul–that encourage us to keep going. It will all be worth it in the end.

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