The Big Summer Schedule

Autism, routines & schedules…the thought of scheduling all summer makes me want to cringe! Here is something I use at the beginning of every summer to help Nathan establish a schedule. Once I have the schedule established I don’t have to keep the visual schedule updated each day…but the first week is crucial!

I made my visual schedule with poster-board, velcro, a printer and some lamination. First, I made a list of all possible activities Nathan or my other kids might enjoy (see photo 3). You can even brainstorm with your kids (if they are verbal) to get cool activities on there that they would enjoy. Then I printed the activities on colored paper with a small photo beside the word (photo 2), laminated them, and invested in a large quantity of velcro to put it all together. Yes, it did initially take time to make it, but I have used it for at least 5 years now.

Nathan has migrated more to my writing big events or schedule changes on our wall-mounted calendar (the regular kind)…but I can’t establish a schedule on a one-inch square block per day :). That is why I use this BIG monstrosity at the beginning of the summer.

Tomorrow I’ll talk more about other scheduling ideas. Feel free to share any ideas you have. I’m always open to new ideas!

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