In Search of Perfection

I have a perfectionist personality that my husband and kids have gradually been whittling away at for many years. You’d think Mother’s Day to me would be a day of guilt like it is for many women, but instead I find joy in it. You see, a number of years ago I realized a great secret to being perfect–you can’t do it by yourself.

The call in the Bible to “be perfect” always gnawed at me, and I used to look at that verse, measure myself, fall short, and get discouraged. But, when you pair that verse on being perfect with several other verses that invite us to “Come unto Christ,” have “faith,” “repent,” “be baptized,” “keep my commandments,” and “endure,” a whole new concept seems to come into focus. We can become “perfect in Christ.” It is a process.

Each day we commit to follow Him, and yet we make mistakes, repent, and keep trying to keep the commandments day after day and year after year until one day we find that we are doing a little better and not making the same mistakes we used to make. We are becoming “perfect in Christ.”

So, my gift to you today is a gift that I received several years ago–it is a knowledge that when I am yoked to the Savior I can give Him my guilt, my mistakes and all my failings and HE can make up the difference. Have a blessed and “becoming perfect in Christ” day!

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