Favorite Chore Chart

This is my favorite chore list to use during the summer. It is simply a printed list of everyday chores (make bed, say prayers, get dressed, practice piano) with extra blanks at the bottom at the chore list for whatever needs to get done that day. After you have typed this up (or written it out), simply slip it into a sheet protector and clip it to a clipboard. Next use a dry erase marker (5 pack at Walmart for about $5) to write in extra chores and let the kids check it off with the same dry-erase marker.

The next day you simply wipe off yesterday’s chores/checks and begin again. Voila!

Other tips: For kids that can’t read you can simply print pictures off the internet of what they need to do and let them check those off. Also, I have found it beneficial to pair my children to work together on chores (esp my kiddos on the spectrum). For example, both Jacob and Noelle would be assigned to vacuum the stairs. Noelle would keep Jacob on task and they would work together–one holding the vacuum while the other uses the hose.

What do you do in the summertime?

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