Another Chore Chart Idea

This is a cardboard/foam chore chart that I used one or two summers. It is the same principle as yesterday’s chore chart, but implemented a little differently. On this one you basically print the chores on slips of paper and place them in the “Do” pocket at night when the kids are asleep. In the morning the kids happily skip to the chore chart, sing while they do their chore, and then move their chore paper (once completed) into the “Done” pocket. (Ha ha ha–don’t you wish it was that easy to get kids to do their chores?)

I typed up and printed the chores on cardstock so that they would last a little longer. Be sure if you use this method to have a little envelope where you keep all your extra “chore papers.” Also, make blank slips where you can write in any chore that you might need done that you don’t have a slip for.

We loved this little chore chart and it worked quite well mounted to a wall all through the summer. I found that I had to set a time by which they had to get their chores done to put a little sticker on their chart. They could turn their stickers in for books or trinkets that I bought at garage sales. If they drug their feet, and didn’t get their chores done by 11:00am, I would give them another chore. Yup, mean mom frown emoticon.

Enjoy the idea! And may your kids happily skip and do their chores quickly with a smile on their face.

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